Clash: Tusks Vs Stingers

CLASH Tusks Vs. Stingers

This is my senior game project at UW-Stout. I was the weapons asset artist who made the turrets and relics in the game. It is a turned based 3D physics shooting game where the players build their custom fortress made out of blocks to protect their relic from the opponent. The players would be able to control a single turret to shoot at the opponent's fortress once each turn. The player that knocks over the opponent's relic first wins.


Multilateral Melt

This is my Global Game Jam project I participated in January 2019. I was the only artist on the team and did all the art assets for the game. It is a 2D/3D platformer puzzle game where the player controls a snowman to find his way home while going through dangerous environments, that can melt the snowman, arranged on a 3D rubrics cube.